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Hi I'm Anastasia

Hate marketing? I've got you.

Noone tells you how much marketing is required when you first start your business.  You start out making, creating, and dreaming of the life your business could make possible... until you realize there are a lot more hats that you have to wear.

I was there, too.  I ran a naturally dyed yarn business for years before I accepted that I couldn't keep up the pace on my own (nor did I want to).  Still surrounded by art and fiber, I saw so many possibilities in the market that no one was taking.  Or maybe no one was seeing

So, I decided to change course and help business owners in the fiber arts industry like you bring those possibilities to life, all while being paid fairly for the value of their work.  This has become my heartbeat and my lifeblood.  I'm here for the marketing and, more importantly, I'm here for you.

If you can't fit any more hats on your head or you can't keep running on a tank that's gone empty, this is where you start.  I can show you how to market yourself so that you can meet your financial goals.

Are you ready to get started?

Image by Julian Schiemann

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