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The 7 Best Physical Planners for Fiber Business Owners in 2023

'Tis the season to start planning for 2023!

I'm not sure if that makes your stomach feel as ill as mine, but here we are anyway! I've got my planner purchased and I know many of the Fiber Business Collective members have also, so I've created a roundup of our choices for 2023 to help you pick your own.

Please note that these are not affiliate links in any way. These are honest recommendations from real business owners.

1. Erin Condren LifePlanner

Erin Condren LifePlanner customizable planner spread

The LifePlanner has been the choice of FBC's Assistant Coach Jen P (@jp_knits_things) for 3 years running. You can purchase dry-erase inserts, interchangeable covers, stickers, washi tape… the whole 9 yards.

She sold me on it as well for 2023. However, I didn't need all the bells and whistles, so I got the Focused Planner version instead (and I love it!).

2. Poketo Concept Planner

Recommended by author Hannah Thiessen (@hannahbelleknits), the Poketo Concept Planner has designated space for your goals and ideas at the start of each open-dated yearly, monthly and weekly section, plus plenty of room for notes and to-do lists. And even though, it's not a coiled planner, it does lie flat when opened!

3. Hobonochi

Hobonochi users don't just“like” their planners, they love them. Designer Aimee Sher (@aimeeshermakes) & notions maker Jenn McGeehan (@handstitchedlife) are just two of the many ‘ride or die’s for them. You can shop the Techos, the Day-Frees, or even the notebooks (if you're into bullet journaling).

4. Moleskin

Sometimes, you just need something classic. You may want to go the traditional planner route (which Moleskin has, of course), or you can get a plain journal like designer/coach Erin Clayton (@erineendesigns) does, and go the bullet journal route instead.

5. Today Planner

What if you really need to get detailed with your days? Designer Aimée Hansen (@yarngerie) suggests this planner. The Today format features hourly time blocks to manage your schedule, a task checklist to organize your important to-dos, and a "tomorrow" section for future tasks. And of course it's important to stay hydrated and active while you're being so productive, which is why this planner includes a water intake and activity tracker, too.

6. The Happy Planner

If you want very customizable templates for your planner, our Community Manager in the FBC, Siobhan (@purlsandpothos), recommends The Happy Planner. The disc-bound planner systems are designed to allow you to choose the best format that works for you as well as keeping you inspired along the way.

(I actually purchased their Zip Folio to hold my Erin Condren Focused Planner.)

7. Full Focus Planner

When I first trailed to the website that designer Jessica Ays (@doublethestitches) recommended, I was impressed! I love minimalist designs and I love that these planners are built for high-level planning for business owners as well as give space for reflections and journaling.

Those are the big hitters for now - but if you have a planner you've been loving and want to share it, please leave a comment below and let me know which one you're using for 2023!

Happy Planning!



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