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Why Your Newsletter Sign-Up Link Needs to Be Front and Center

deep sigh guyyyyyyyys…

I want to say that keeping your newsletter sign-up link visible is a no-brainer but alas, it is not.

Recently, I went on a hunt to subscribe to a ton of different designers and dyers and I cannot even begin to tell you how difficult it was to find a newsletter link for so so so many of them.

Here are my tips:

  • If you have a pop-up for your newsletter sign up embedded on your website, make sure there's somewhere else a person can sign up if they accidentally click out of it.

  • If you have a sign-up option that is tied to a lead magnet, make sure there's somewhere else a person can sign up if they don't want that specific lead magnet (and likely be spearheaded into a funnel that is not applicable). Most people don't just sign up for newsletters for fun but sometimes you get someone like me who does. So don't make it hard!

  • If you have an Instagram account, your email sign-up should be included in your link in bio or linktree or whatever you use.

  • If you have a traditional website, your newsletter sign up option should be on your home page, your About page, or both.

  • If you use other social media channels, make sure that you can direct humans to a page that has a place for them to sign up for your newsletter.

  • If you sell at trade shows, bring a piece of paper so people can sign up for your newsletter.

  • If you use social media in any capacity, TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE A NEWSLETTER. TELL PEOPLE TO SIGN UP. (I'm not yelling, I promise.)

Newsletters are outrageously invaluable in today's hyper-fast paced social media world. Make life easy for your followers/audience and guide them to the sign-up link as directly as you can. Opt-in to receive Mini Marketing emails.

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