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"How do I know if coaching is what I need right now?"

Coaching with me can help you if:

  • You have many ideas that you need help sorting through, or one solid idea that needs some help in becoming more three-dimensional.

  • You're starting a business and you're not entirely sure how to prioritize both your personal and business needs.

  • You are switching gears or changing directions in your business and need some assistance with transitioning your goals and your audience.

  • You know you can provide value to others but you're not sure how just yet.

  • Your time is finite, and you need to be able to have some set aside specifically for you to think through your ideas.

  • You best work through problems by talking them out (whether out loud or through writing).

  • You are spending your time and energy worrying whether or not you're capable of building a successful business.

  • You need accountability in reaching both smaller and bigger milestones.

  • You'd love for someone to believe in your purpose and help you every step of the way.

Private Coaching

Investing in your business is synonymous with investing in yourself.  Working with me for business coaching can help guide you in the direction in which you want to go, or even help you determine the direction if you're not sure what that is yet.  

You & I can work together to bring about change in both your business and your life so that it works for you, and so that you feel the way you want to feel as a business owner while still meeting your financial goals.  It can be entirely on your own terms, without you having to spend every free moment of your day trying to please others.  

Your business is yours.  And I'm here to help you make it reflect who you are and what you need.


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