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This is a .pdf file.  There is no physical product.


As part of my work, I spend a large amount of time learning how hashtags on Instagram work, how to choose the best ones, and how to know when it's time to move on to new ones.  It's taken a lot of time and money over the years to learn this system, but I also know that my hashtags are largely successful with my clients. 


So, it's time to share them with you!  This guide includes a list of 63 hashtags that span the different areas of the fiber arts industry, including knitting, crochet, fiber and yarn, fiber farmers and sheep, weaving and spinning, and sector specific (meaning they are specific to what you do in this industry).  


This guide includes the hashtags themselves and a few tips on how and where to use them on the platform.  


These hashtags are for use in Winter 2023.  I will revisit them in Spring 2023 and prepare a new guide with adjustments!

Recommended Hashtags (Instagram)

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